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Fast PCR-test with results in 90 minutes

Fast PCR-test with results in 90 minutes

μοριακό τεστ κορονοιού
MICROLAB Diagnostic Laboratories, pioneers in their field, now perform FAST PCR , Covid-19 Diagnostic Tests providing results within one hour and a half molecular method of 200 copies with the possibility of 40 cycles, detecting even the lowest viral load.

This equipment is currently available only in major state hospitals for emergency cases, for the examination an appointment is required at2106855799 in compliance with safety rules

In the diagnostic center MikroLabwith the most modern FAST PCR equipment, you have the results of the molecular test of the COVID-19 in90 minutes.Book your appointment immediately.

The person being tested for Covid -19 should have avaliable with his / her ID or passport and his / her social security number( Α.Μ.Κ.Α in Greek).

The test result is also issued in English in a special form with QR code for travelers.

Thank you for your trust in our laboratories.

Molecular Detection

For more information about this service please contact us at: 2106855799