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What are you looking for?

Fast RAPID-test(antigen) with results in 15 minutes

Rapid Coronavirus Test (RAPID)

mikrolab diagnostiko ypiresies diagnosi koronoiou

SARS-COV-2 rapid test is conducted exclusively by our specialized biopathologist-microbiologist MD. Msc. Christou X. Efstathia, safely, in a naturally ventilated area, in our facilities using all the necessary protective equipment to prevent the spread of the virus in keeping with the guidelines of NPHO (National Public Health Organization). We also provide home sampling service..

Excellent knowledge of the sampling technique ensures the reliability of the result.

In the diagnostic center MikroLab,using the most advanced and highly reliable equipment Rapid test without waiting and provide results within 15 minutes with direct posting on gov.gr

The test result is also issued in English in a special form with QR code for travelers.

Molecular Detection

For more information about the test you can call us 2106855799