• Operating Hours - Mon - Fri: 7:00 - 20:00
  • Saturday: 08:30-15:00
  • Ώρες Λειτουργίας - Δευτ- Παρ: 7:00-19:00 Σάββατο: 9:30-14:00 Κυριακή:9:00 - 15:00
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Diagnostic Center

Diagnostic Center

A few words about us...

Our Goals

The modern diagnostic laboratories, MIKROLAB, were founded by doctor MD. Msc Christou X. Efstathia, with the aim of promoting health, preventing diseases and providing consulting in reference to medical science.

Our facilities

The modern diagnostic laboratories, MIKROLAB  are situated in the center of Chalandri (near Agios Nikolaos Square) in a very modern and beautifully designed space offering the visitor a sense of comfort and euphoria.


Our Potential

Our laboratories are fully equipped with state-of-the-art analyzers SIEMENS, SYSMEX etc. All examinations are performed under the supervision of a doctor, providing high quality and reliability of results while we also maintain a personalized history file of each patient in order to effectively monitor their health.

Our Services

  • • Coronavirus Molecular Testing Method (PCR) SARS-COV 2 - Blood sample collection at home
  • • Blood sample collection from children
  • • Microbiological department: specialized department conducting cultures of urine, vagina, semen, feces, pus, sputum and pharynx samples - pediatric microbiology- antibiograms
  • Nail - Skin Fungal Cultures
  • • Hematology department: control of anemia, white blood cells disorders, thrombocytopenia, microscopy blood count (tile) - thrombophilia test
  • • Hormonology department: thyroid hormones, prenatal screening, semen (Sperm Count) analysis test,
  • • Biochemical department: renal and hepatic markers, diabetes, lipid profile, atherosclerotic index
  • • Immunology department: PSA, tumor markers, antibodies, control of autoimmune diseases
  • • Molecular Diagnostics : Influenza test - streptococcus test
  • • Affordable check ups depending on age or gender
  • • Health coaching
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